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János Sebestyén's recording career spans 45 years. His first studio recordings were made in 1957 for Hungarian Radio, where he actively recorded for the next thirty years. The radio recordings often represent his best work, combining the advantages of a studio setting with the qualities of a live performance.

In 1958 he made his first recordings for Hungaroton. Most of the LPs, published under the Qualiton imprint until 1968, were produced in large quantities and received widespread distribution. Many are easily found today. His last recording for Hungaroton was made in 2002. Sebestyén's entire output for the label, including those recordings never published on CD, is now available for download. Details for each recording and a link to the appropriate download page can be found in Part One of his discography.

Part Two of his discography documents recordings for labels other than Hungaroton. Many of these were the result of his collaboration with sound engineer Thomas Gallia, an early colleague at the Hungarian Radio who later worked as studio director for the Angelicum label in Milan. Their first recording in Italy dates from 1963. Gallia later formed Sonart, an independent production company through which he and SebestyƩn made dozens of recordings, the best known being those for their Hungarian compatriot George Mendelssohn, founder and owner of the Vox label.

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