Jenő Donáth & Friends

Concert conducted by Jenő Donáth
in Budapest on 1 August 1965.

Jenő Donáth, a native of Hungary and close friend of János Sebestyén's family, worked as a film and light music conductor in Philadelphia.

The photos above and to the left were taken during his visit to Budapest in 1965: Donáth with concert manager Imre Kun; with pianist Árpád Sándor, accompanist for Jascha Heifetz and brother of conductor Frigyes Sándor; and with "Haydn" baryton soloist János Liebner. The photos below were taken in Milan, circa 1968: Donáth with record producers Paul Déry and Thomas Gallia; and with three Thoman sisters, Katalin, Erzsébet and Ilona, daughters of Hungarian pianist István Thoman.

Jenő Donáth interview for Hungarian television
with János Sebestyén, 1964.

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