Ecaterina Botár remembers János Sebestyén

If anybody can say they were grateful to you all their life, that is me, I was just a beginner harpsichord player after all when we first met. You undertook the risk of organizing concerts with me (with regards to the fact that I could never be sure if I was going to get my passport to be able to travel to Hungary). You were everything to me, a mentor, teacher, colleague and friend. I know when you visited me in Kolozsvár you wanted to help me to be able to earn a living playing the harpsichord and not as a viola teacher. I succeeded in this, after the political change. The large number of our radio recordings proves that we worked well together. I also know that you really loved visiting Kolozsvár and could not get enough of the sight of the huge crowd of over 2000 people coming to the Farkas utca church to hear your wonderful organ performance. Our double harpsichord concert was also an unforgettable event for the music lovers of my city. I can’t and won’t write about you in the past tense, how could I when I can visit you every day on your beautiful homepage and can travel back to the 80s and feel very good here with you and our friends. Dear János, you will stay with us forever.

Ecaterina Botár
15 February 2012