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Date: 26 October 2013
Name: Karl Schrom
City: New Haven, CT, USA

Comments: Sgrizzi's playing always provides sheer delight--his spirit was obviously richly developed. I'll never forget hearing his Scarlatti, Rossini, & Italian harpsichord collections on Nonesuch records. Your discography shows me there is much more to explore. Many thanks for this beautiful site.

Date: 21 October 2010
Name: Giovanni Maestrino
City: Vienna, Austria

Comments: wunderbare barockmusik, wunderbar gespielt. da bekommt man eine rechte vorstellung davon, was das cembalo unter den händen eines wahren meisters leisten konnte.

Date: 27 October 2009
Name: Charles Marrin
City: Hartland, Vermont, USA

Comments: I was thrilled to hear the recording of the Galuppi sonata by Luciano Sgrizzi. A recording by him of obscure (to me) Italian composers (including Galuppi, Zipoli as well as Scarlatti) was what first got me excited about the harpsichord in the 1960's. Where can I obtain a copy of this sonata played by Sgrizzi — or, indeed any other solo recordings of his?

Date: 26 June 2009
Name: Matthieu Ricard
City: Kathmandu, Nepal

Comments: When I was a teen ager, I was completely seduced by the crystal clear beauty and extraordinary energy that sprung forth from Luciano Sgrizzi's recording of Scarlatti's 24 sonatas. So, it was an immense delight when I found last year in NY a CD release of the same recording. Matchless playing of Scarlatti!

Date: 6 April 2009
Name: Jean-Claude Gelbard
City: Aix-en-Provence, France

Comments: I discovered Luciano Sgrizzi back in 1964, as I heard a sonata by Pescetti, and this so beautiful music pushed me to know more about Luciano Sgrizzi and his recordings. I also discovered that nobody knew the Italian music for harpsichord better than he did; he participated to a broadcast series at France Musique, "What do we know about", dedicated to this subject, and it was astonishing, as he played himself the music he was talking about, with passion and modesty. He also gave many concerts at the Festival Estival de Paris during years. I own a lot of his records, and he remains in my memory. He certainly contributed a lot in my willing to play the harpsichord myself...

Date: 15 November 2008
Name: Nick Bunning
City: New York, New York

Comments: The continuo in ECD 88172 Porpora CD is AMAZING. I wonder what harpsichord he used? Sounds like a Goff, but I know it can't be that? Lovely playing.

Date: 15 March 2008
Name: Manuel C. Melendez
City: Mexicali, B.C., Mexico

Comments: Gracias por rendir tributo a Luciano Sgrizzi. Los que conocimos su arte, lo seguiremos admirando y recordando...

Date: 7 August 2007
Name: Thomas de Vries
City: Wiesbaden, Germany

Comments: Besides the comments here about Sgrizzi's wonderful harpsichord playing, I would like to point out his beautiful instrumental realisation of Cavalli's "Ercole amante", which was recorded with Michel Corboz, the most tasteful Cavalli recording!.

Date: 20 June 2007
Name: Francesco Benincasa
City: Torino, Italia

Comments: Conservo gelosamente il disco della Nonesuch Record con il quale ho trascorso ore felici. Il nome di Sgrizzi evoca ricordi splendidi. Nessun altro clavicembalista lo ha potuto eguagliare. Il suo Scarlatti resta il migliore.

Date: 1 July 2006
Name: Mahan Esfahani
City: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Comments: Mr. Sgrizzi's recording of works of Schobert on fortepiano with Chiara Bianchini has no equal - if only there were more recordings of his on fortepiano! What a great figure - I have the deepest respect for his recordings of Scarlatti and hope that to-day's so-called "harpsichordists" will take time to listen to them for a lesson in humility and real musicianship!

Date: 9 June 2006
Name: Edward Nelson
City: Amelia, Umbria, Italia

Comments: Nobody plays Domenico Scarlatti like Sgrizzi. All of the others crash out because they are tourists. They don't connect with Iberian ethos and pacing. Or they do, but go over the top, resulting in caricature.

Date: 10 July 2005
Name: Eric Ebenau
City: Haren, The Netherlands

Comments: Today, July 2005, I read 2 references to the records of Mr. Sgrizzi in the sixties. Right now I am listening to such a original record. Sgrizzi plays Scarlatti sonatas on a Nonesuch recording from 1966. Anyone who knows on what kind of harpsichord he is playing? On the label there are no indications of it. I am interested because I am restoring an old harpsichord myself. The sound of Sgrizzi's recording looks like a Pleyel (like Landowska used to play).

Date: 2 January 2005
Name: Charles-André Schleppy
City: La Chaux-de-Fonds, Suisse

Comments: J'ai eu le privilège d'entre L. Sgrizzi en récital dans ma ville. J'étudiais à cette époque le clavecin. Je garde un souvenir émouvant de ce récital.

Date: 25 November 2004
Name: Nick Rumin
City: Montreal, Canada

Comments: I too, like Sylvie Labonte, stumbled across your interesting site while searching for the CD Concerti per Mandolini Paisiello-Giuliani-Lecce. Any pointers to a likely source?

Date: 3 May 2004
Name: Jef Lowell
City: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Comments: I fell in love with the harpsichord, and resolved to build one and learn to play after hearing a recording of Mr. Sgrizzi back in the '60s. All these many years later, I still find the greatest pleasure in his trancendently smooth playing. What a special man!

Date: 13 March 2004
Name: Ryan Layne Whitney
City: Seattle, Washington, USA

Comments: I am very pleased to have found this fine web site. As a teenager in the 60's, I bought a record of Luciano Sgrizzi playing Scarlatti on the harpsichord: it was my first exposure to Scarlatti (I was 14) and certainly one of the most important musical epiphanies of my formative years---I couldn't wait to get home from school to listen again and again to that record. I nearly wore the record out, and bought a 2nd copy. Only recently I found it reissued (through Amazon France) and can now enjoy it anew. Even now, in the more staid period of middle age, the name of Sgrizzi reminds me of the excitement I felt at that tender age, and from that day to this Scarlatti has been a staple of my repertoire (on harpsichord and piano).

Date: 9 October 2003
Name: Sylvie Labonté
City: Canada

Comments: Very interesting site. I found it while searching for the Concerti per Mandolini - Paisiello-Giulani-Lecce ECD 88165. I wish to buy the CD but it has been discontinued... How terrible! Does anyone know how I could get or purchase this precious music? I'm desperate!

Date: 4 April 2003
Name: Paul Gabler
City: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Comments: The site, including some acoustical examples looks great and I hope you eventually will complete the discography into perfection.

Date: 30 March 2003
Name: Lapo Sali
City: Italia

Comments: Sito molto ben costruito. Per non dimenticare.