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All Things Hungarian

Music publishers in Hungary:
Akkord     Editio Musica Budapest

Classical music at the Hungarian Radio:
Bartók Rádió

Library and database devoted to contemporary Hungarian music and musicians:
Budapest Music Center

Hungarian harpsichord foundation:
Clavicembalo Alapítvány

Ten centuries of Hungarian art:
Fine Arts in Hungary

Hungarian Cultural Heritage Portal:

Downloads for the complete Hungaroton LP and CD catalogue:

Budapest concert schedule:
Koncert Kalendárium

The premier institute for music education in Hungary:
Liszt Academy of Music

Notable alumni of the Liszt Academy of Music:
Liszt Academy Alumni

Website for the recently renovated Academy of Music and Concert Hall:
Liszt Academy Concert Hall

Association established to support musical excellence at the Academy of Music:
Friends of the Liszt Academy of Music

National AudioVisual Archive of Hungary:

Budapest venue for music, dance and theatre:
Palace of Arts

Hungarian ensemble devoted to the music of C. P. E. Bach and his contemporaries:
Concerto Armonico Budapest

Hungarian ensemble devoted to musical rarities of the 17th and 18th centuries:
Savaria Baroque Orchestra

Current Hungarian harpsichordists:
Zsolt Balog     Borbála Dobozy     Miklós Spányi     Ágnes Várallyay

Sources for Recordings

North American source for current classical recordings:

European source for current classical recordings:

Downloads and streaming for thousands of classical recordings:

Sources for out-of-print classical LPs and CDs:
33rpm.de     CDandLP.com     Compagnie du Disque     Discogs     Discorara
Irvington Music     Mikrokosmos     LP Corner     Academy Records

Discography Sources

Michael Gray's classical discography:
A Classical Discography

Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music:

Database of more than 240,000 classical recordings:

International library database:

Additional Sites Devoted to Music and Musicians

Portal for professionals and enthusiasts of the harpsichord:
Cembalo Worldwide

International journal devoted to the organ, the harpsichord, and church music:
The Diapason

Internet magazine on organ music and organ builiding:
Het Orgel

Hundreds of links to classical music sites:

Sites devoted to harpsichordists and organists from the Open Directory Project:
Harpsichordists     Organists

WebRings devoted to the harpsichord and organ:
Harpsichord and Clavichord WebRing     Organ WebRing

Friend's Sites

Comprehensive site devoted to the many derivations and interpretations of the famous La Folia theme:
La Folia - A Musical Cathedral

YouTube channel devoted to harpsichord LPs:
Harpsichord Vinyl Gallery

Contemporary art dealer:
Ivánffy-Uhler Gallery

Harpsichordist devoted to contemporary repertoire and revival instruments:
Christopher D. Lewis

Audiophile recordings released on reel-to-reel tape:
Open Reel Records

Site devoted to piano interpretation, contemporary music and music publishing:
Orange Factory

Downloads, artist biographies and photos from the early days of the LP:
René Gagnaux: Mon Musée Musical

Sometimes irreverent site devoted to revival harpsichordists and other 20th century musicians:
A Thousand Twangling Instruments

Additional Sites at jsebestyen.org

Three great Italian harpsichordists:
Luciano Sgrizzi     Ruggero Gerlin     Egida Giordani Sartori

The outstanding Czech harpsichordist:
Zuzana Růžičková

The famous French harpsichordist and pianist:
Robert Veyron-Lacroix

Harpsichordist during the golden age of the French LP:
Anne-Marie Beckensteiner

Audio examples of revival harpsichords:
The Sounds of European Revival Harpsichords