Jenő Donáth & Friends

Poster for a concert conducted by Jenő Donáth in Budapest on 1 August 1965.

Jenő Donáth, a native of Hungary and a close friend of János Sebestyén's father, worked as a film and light music conductor in Philadelphia. These three photos were taken during a visit to Budapest in 1965: Donáth with concert manager Imre Kun (upper left), with pianist Árpád Sándor (above), accompanist for Jascha Heifetz and brother of conductor Frigyes Sándor, and with "Haydn" baryton soloist János Liebner (lower left).

Donáth with record producers Paul Déry and Thomas Gallia in Milan, late 1960s.

Donáth with three daughters of István Thoman: Katalin, Erzsébet and Ilona, in Milan, late 1960s.

Donáth interview for Hungarian television
with János Sebestyén, 1964.

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